Jeff Lay

Actor and Student in California

Jeff Lay

Actor and Student in California

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I'm an actor! And of course, I am in training (First Take). I was born and raised in the Bay Area, California. I guess that's a good start considering the things I like...

Art is art and art is what I like, it's all I really care about. I guess I should say my family and friends too but, I figured that was obvious. I don't know much about art; I just like it. People are interesting and I am interested in learning everything there is about it/them! 🎭

I have military training, so I am good at following orders and handling weapons. 😐

I can play the guitar and fiddle around on just about everything else music related. (A little better than Chopsticks). 🎸

I know tech pretty well, it's just hard to explain. I might have taught a few things to some teachers in college when I was trying to get some papers that said I was good enough. πŸ’»

I'm pretty flexible too. I mean, I'm not a gymnast or anything, just more flexible than average. I like physical stuff too. I'm not Jackie Chan or a stuntman but, I would try just about anything physical first. πŸ€Έβ€

I have been a featured extra in My Own MECCA (Dec. 15, 19) and background in 13 Reasons Why (2020)

I'm pretty sure I read that I'm not supposed to list 'Extra' work but, I'm new and it was awesome!

I only want more! I want to help you tell your stories! When a story is told right, it's one of the best thing ever!

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